The Hole by Batsheva

by Joy Bernard | 29.11.15

Proving once more that talent, creativity and rhythm are timeless qualities, the Batsheva Dance Company, masterminded by its creative director Ohad Naharin, has once again blown away its audiences’ minds and arts.

For a mere three weeks this November, the dance company presented “The Hole”, a sensual, intriguing and powerful choreography first revealed in 2013.
Batsheva performed in the Varda Studio at the Suzanne Dellal Center, which was turned into an octagon. Between the new edges inserted into the studio, chairs were installed into place, and at the very center rose a stage, looking very much like a shrine – and also octagon-shaped. The dance company was divided in two: men and women. On some nights the women took the lead and on other nights the men. Some of the dancers were located at the margins of the beautiful geometric construction, standing behind the audience and slowly advancing into the stage throughout the show, whereas the others who were located at the center of the stage used it in various, surprising ways: once as podium, another time as a circus ring and yet another time as a strip club stage.

החור - גדי דגון

Almost minimalist, “The Hole” is based on the dancers’ performance as well as the overwhelming concept. While the octagon shape that serves as a main theme lends a sense of control, order and symmetry, the entire creation exudes a feeling of urgency, unease, that resonates in the dancers’ extreme proximity to one another throughout the performance.This is further accentuated by the ominous and thrilling soundtrack.

As the audience is seated around the stage, each viewer gets a slightly different perspective of the same enchanted, erotically charged, unique and puzzling world that Naharin has erected between the eight angles of the octagon.


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