The internal eternal youth

by Roza Sinaysky | 29.04.15

If you are familiar with Arik Miranda personally you will know that his sharp sense of humor and endless optimistic approach to life is not always reflected in his art, but quite the opposite. His photographs and paintings let you have a peek to a more melancholic and emotional side of him, the side that made him the established artist that he is. For years, his talent laid in his ability to capture Tel Aviv’s most beautiful women of all ages and turn them into youthful, even child-like creatures.  This fascination of our obsession with eternal youth will be the subject of his new exhibition opening tomorrow at the Hezi Cohen gallery downtown. I suggest you all get yourselves there and see how his subjects become juvenile, shy and pure in front of his camera.

Arik Miranda Arik Miranda         Arik Miranda Hezi Cohen gallery – Thursday 30.4.2015 from 20:00 54 Wolfson  Street, Tel Aviv.


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