Tonic Clonic

by Zoe Karbe | 01.11.17


Two dancers convulse on stage, a helmet-wearing bassist strums away in the back, and the seemingly tortured frontman, Ophir, howls out the words “ahava sheli meta” my love is dead. This is the artistic explosion that is Telavivian based band Tonic Clonic. A band name after the epileptic seizure (makes sense).

This incredibly melodic, trippy musical and dance act seems more like a strange mix between an Avant-garde circus act and quirky indie band. The colourful clash of movement and playful melodies makes watching this band a pretty damn awesome experience.

Tonic Clonic got its start with partners Ophir Benshimon, originally a filmmaker and Merav Degan, a dancer and performance artist. The two would collaborate on performance pieces and theatrical acts. With the experimentation of movement, vocals, guitars, keyboards and a variety of dance infused melodies, this stage duo evolved to become the musical and performative ensemble named Tonic Clonic with members Nili Fink (guitar and vocals), Dor Heitner (vocals and bass), Guy Portagli (drums and keyboards) Shuli Enosh (vocals and dancing) Merav Dagan (vocals and dancing) And Ophir Ben Shimon (lyrics, melody, songwriting).

Catch Tonic Clonic live on November 18th at Levontin 7. 

Photo Credit: Ophir Ben Shimon


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