‘Truth and Method’ By Know Hope

by Dalit Nemirovsky | 24.03.15

It’s been a long time since I recommended to telavivian readers to visit an art show. There are many reasons why I haven’t done that for such a long time but that is not important. What is important is that I think there is an opening this thursday that is too significant not to write about.

This Thursday artist know hope will be opening his largest solo exhibition in Israel to date. His new exhibition ‘Truth and Method’ will be taking place at the Gordon Gallery in Tel Aviv. This Gallery is the same one that hosted Know Hope’s last exhibition in Israel about 2 years ago, an exhibition that gave birth to a one on one interview I had with Know Hope, published here on telavivian. Without a doubt is was one of the most interesting interviews I had the pleasure of writing. It was an encounter with an interesting young man and a remarkable artist,  but above all it was an encounter with a kind of art that has a discourse with its’ surroundings, with reality, with people, with their life experiences. A kind of art that is not only about itself.

‘Truth and Method’ is composed of a series of triptychs – a photograph of know hope’s original outdoor work, a photographed portrait of a person which Know Hope personally tattooed with a text originated in the outdoor work, and a studio piece he created for it.

We Lost Nothing_93x143cm We Lost Nothing_Outdoor We Lost Nothing_PortraitHelpless_77.5x107.5cm Helpless_Outdoor

Helpless_PortraitKnow Hope’s work has always been based on real human situations, and this project gives insight to this process.
I will be going to see the exhibition on Thursday with much enthusiasm, feeling that Know Hope took another step towards work that are always in process, always changing, and above all always observing and learning.

Opening: Thursday, March 26th at 19:30
Gallery talk with the artist: April 17th, 2015 at 12:00

Gordon Gallery
Mon.-Thu: 11:00-19:00 | Fri.: 10:00-14:00 | Sat.: 10:00-13:00
95 Ben Yehuda St., Tel Aviv



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