Under 1000 Gallery

by Daniel Arom | 21.07.16

פחות מאלף סניף דן דיזיין הלחי 2 בני ברק (1)

When it comes to collecting, the art world often seems to undermine economical concepts like affordable art. Under 1000 Gallery takes the above premise with raised brows. The gallery, owned by Eli Edri sells art that retails for one thousand U.S dollars and under. The idea really emphasizes the gallery’s principal that everyone should have the opportunity to engage with art and purchase it.

גלריה פחות מאלף סניף פלורנטין

פחות מאלף, חלל התערוכות פקטורי 38, אברבנל 38

Gallery Under 1000 sells exclusive Israeli art. It’s French Salon style spaces in Tel Aviv and Bnei Brak bring artists together under one roof–ranging from paintings, photography, sculptures and children’s illustrations from both emerging and already established artists.

Gallery Under 1000, 60 Abarbanel St. Tel Aviv, 03-652-6061. Dan Design Center HaLehi 2 Bnei Brak, 03-6421199 | Facebook


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