Vera Magazine by Telavivian

In collaboration with The Vera, we have created The Vera Magazine by Telavivian – a printed lifestyle magazine which features our stories about art, fashion, architecture, design, food and music in Tel Aviv. As a guest of the hotel, you will receive the magazine to your room, but you are also welcome to pass by the hotel lobby and pick up your own issue.

In issue #04:
‘Souvenirs’ by Jenna Romano, Alison Roberts and Lotte Beilin
‘Israeli Cuisine’ by Ruthie Ruosso
‘Day Trip’ by Jenna Romano
‘Coffee Culture in Tel Aviv’ by Joy Bernard
‘Where to Eat?’ by Jenna Romano

Short Stories about Tonari, Ceremonials, Knots Studio, Adish, Aïeul, Yonatan Koevary Branding Studio, Hilla Shamia, Pnina ‘The Chef’ and Liri Argov.

You can download the fourth issue here.

In issue #03:

‘Local Treasures’ by Jenna Romano, Daniela Engelberg, Camea Smith, Lily Davey-Gurion, Sarah Blum
‘Exploring Tel Aviv’ by Danielle Gorodenzik
‘Shared Economy’ by Jenna Romano
‘Going Back To Our Roots’, an editorial by Liri Argov and Shai Franco
‘Where To Go’ by Jenna Romano, Daniela Engelberg, Danielle Gorodenzik, Sarah Blum
‘Meet The People’ by Camea Smith, Danielle Gorodenzik
Our City Guide

Short Stories about TheyDream, Nadav Caspi, Anjaly, Sivan Sternbach, Magpie Goose Studio, no-no, Kariniti, Esprit de Vacances, Tamar Bar, Karam Natour, Emma and Ofer Shahar, Jason Danino Holt, Molet, Manta Ray, Cuckoo’s Nest, Meshek Barzilay, Claro, OPA, Farma Cultura, Pasáž, Gelada, Arugot and more.

Art direction by Liri Argov
Cover photo by Alina Asmus

You can download the third issue here.

In issue #02:

‘Local Treasures’ by Danielle Gorodenzik, Lily Davey-Gurion, Lisa Geismar, Sarah Blum, Camea Smith, Lotte Beilin, Anna Kopito and Jenna Romano
‘Collaborative City’ by Jenna Romano
‘Always On The Move’ by Jenna Romano
‘Go Out To Play’, an editorial by Liri Argov and Sasha Zacks
‘Where To Go’ by Sarah Blum, Camea Smith, Tallie Lieberman, Danielle Gorodenzik, Jenna Romano and Lily Davey-Gurion
‘Meet The People’ by Lily Davey-Gurion, Jenna Romano, Danielle Gorodenzik, Camea Smith and Jessica Laub

Short Stories about First Apparel Studio, Middleasta, iota Project, Adi Nissani, Yoster, Candleroom, C’s Cuffs, Bloomy, Sorry, Weekends At, Yaara Nir Kachlon, Ginlee, Balagan, Confused Machines, Vender, Cafe Xoho, Agas & Tamar, HAIA, Thai At Har Sinai, Papier, Coffeebar, Nahat Cafe, Dalida, Pulp, Hotcrown, Beit Hanna, Uganda, Gili Yali, Tal Yerushalmi, Paritzki & Liani, Michal Bouton, Gilad Ratman, Roy Menachem Markovich and more.

Art direction by Liri Argov
Cover photo by Dor Kedmi

You can download the second issue here.

In issue #01:

‘The New Israeli Wave’ by Sahar Shalev
‘Tel Aviv Is an Ugly City’ by Nissan Shor
‘Shakshuka’ by Sybaris Magazine
‘The Reflecting City’ by Hila Shemer with photos by Yael Engelhart
An interview with Joshua Simon by Danielle Gorodenzik
”Modern Talking’ by Studio Koniak
Short Stories about Roee Rosen, Noga Erez, Holland Civilians, Michal Fargo, Yoko Kitahara, Burek, Santa Katarina, Atar Mayner, Inbal Pinto and Avshalom Pollak Dance Company, Muslin Brothers, Born From Rock, Michael Cohen, Nilus, Alona Rodeh, Studio Koniak and Eats.
And much more.

Art direction by Liri Argov
Cover photo by Via Tolila

You can also download the first issue here.

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