Yaara Oren

by Alison Roberts | 15.06.16


Translating the experience of existing in South Tel Aviv, Yaara Oren’s paintings relay the unconscious sentiments of life’s hidden moments. Her latest series, Garden Wall, avoids literal translation, ignoring precision and recognition in favor of mood and sentiment.

Transposing the elusiveness of her surroundings, Oren allows her work’s forms, shadows, and colors to speak for themselves. The artist focuses on details; the moments that surround us but often fail to be noticed.


still life with sunflowers and sesame_120x80

Oren begins with an unconscious occupation of the canvas, gradually finding what needs to be covered, and slowly building upon the canvas’s initial layers. Subjectivity remains an important component for Oren, as the artist maintains a space for her audience to interact freely with her work. Aware that each individual connects differently with her pieces, she successfully translates her surroundings, while leaving room for interpretation.

studio 1

the daughters room_150x170

The works’ openness and dialogue are due in part to her conscious connection with her environment. Oren adopts various viewpoints, challenging herself to see the world through a fresh perspective. Through her evolving frame of reference, Oren creates works that remain both personal and universal, brilliantly capturing the excitement of our world.

Yaara Oren’s solo show Garden Wall Runs until June 28th, 2016
Rosenbach Contemporary, 16 King David St., Jerusalem, 050.751.6091


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