by Lotte Beilin | 20.03.17


When a group of young and talented entrepreneurs who have already created some of Tel Aviv’s greatest nightspots come together, a gem like Yavne is born.

This eclectic, new, cool, funky Tel Aviv hotspot opened only last month by a team of makers who already understand the business. The brains behind the beauty are the people of Hostel 51, of Alphabet, of Alma. They have combined their skills and their imaginations to bring you a space of pure quality and fun.

Yavne is a place for dining and wining. Sit at the bar, sit inside, sit outside, eat, drink, and dance; this is what needs to be done at Yavne, and what will be done at Yavne. While there you should sip on their ‘Yavne’ cocktail and nibble on their ‘Fish on a Stick’ that is served with home-made lafah, sheep yogurt and greens.

This new collective brings you a refreshing boost to an already happening city, and most importantly, Yavne provides a service that you will go back for. Located just off Rothschild Boulevard it is extremely accessible. With handpicked live music and DJ’s every night, Yavne is open until 06am—go to Yavne tonight!




+Ö+æ+á+ö (4)

+º+ò+º+ÿ+Ö+Ö+£ +Ö+æ+á+ö


+ù+¬+Ö+¢+ö +P+£+ù+¥ +£+æ+ƒ +ó+á+º, +ù+P+É+ö, +ù+ª+Ö +ª+á+ò+ƒ +ò+ñ+£+ñ+£ +ù+¿+Ö+ú

+ñ+º+Ö+ƒ +ô+É+º +ª'+Ö+º+ƒ

+ñ+ò+º+É+ª'+ö +ó+£+Ö+¥ +Ö+¿+ò+º+Ö+¥ +ò+Æ+æ+Ö+á+ö +P+ö+¬+ÿ+ù+Ö+¥

+í+ÿ+Ö+Ö+º +ô+º+ö +ò+í+£+ÿ +ó+¿+æ+Ö

+í+á+ô+ò+ò+Ö+Ñ' +ª+£+ó+ò+¬

+É+á+á+í +º+ò+ƒ +¬+Ö+Ö+ÿ+£

+¬+æ+¬+Ö+£ +¬+ò+º +ò+ù+¬+Ö+¢+ö +¬+£ +ñ+í+ÿ+ö

+¢+¿+Ö+¬+ö +¬+ù+ò+¿+ö +ò+P+ò+ª+¿+£+ö

Yavne 31, Tel aviv, 19:00 –  06:00
Facebook | Instagram: @yavne_telaviv

Photo credits: Eyal Elisha / Top photo: Lotte Beilin


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