Yulia Tsukerman Ceramics

by Rebecca Roberts | 05.02.16



We are fascinated by the playful, and sophisticated ceramics of Tel Aviv based artist Yulia Tsukerman. While she has always been involved in artistic endeavours – ranging from photography to painting – her interest in ceramics was sparked organically, shortly after relocating to Israel, through a chance meeting with a lauded Israeli professor of ceramics. Not long after, she began a degree in Ceramic Design at Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem, and has enjoyed both local and international success ever since.

In her work she explores both sculptural and functional objects. She states that she is “attracted to minimal forms, in which [she] try to achieve balance, harmony and a purity of line. Giving [her] work an ‘emotional character’ and resonance is something [to be] strive[d] for.”



Her most recent collection explores warmer colours associated with autumn, and uses a new technique (for her) of working with brush and colour, with a decidedly pleasing aesthetic as a result. One our favourite features is the undeniable functionality of all of Yulia’s pieces. Not only lovely to look at, each ceramic is beautiful and elegant from every angle, as well as pleasant to the touch – an important element of any home decor feature.



Up next? Yulia hopes to delve into working with darker and rougher clays. Until now, she has mainly focused on working with white stoneware and porcelain, but is now interested in familiarizing herself with a different attitude and different aesthetic. We’re excited to see what is soon to come!



For more of Yulia’s work, follow her on Facebook or her website.
Photography by Aya Wind and Julia Sorin.


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