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Shuk HaCarmel



    Tel Aviv


    Hidden between the bustle and chaos of Shuk HaCarmel lies this charming restaurant. The space, which is nearly a hundred years old, was the original fish vendor for the market. It was also the unofficial venue for family gatherings and long nights spent playing instruments and singing sons amongst the Yemenite community. In late 2023, Rumiyah – named after Rumiyah Amarni who was the matriarch of the original business and community – opened its doors. Open from morning to evening, the menu consists of new Middle Eastern cuisine, with inspirations ranging from East to West and fresh produce, fish, cheese and spices from their neighbors at the Shuk. To access this content, you must purchase Yearly membership.
    • Open all day
    • Local cuisine
    • Shuk HaCarmel
    • Breakfast spot